FLIP! - Scawsby, Doncaster 
2 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalow, Kempton Park Road, Scawsby, Doncaster. 
Purchased in May 2015 at £83,000. 
Sold in December 2015 at £135,000. 
FLIP! - Barnby Dunn, Doncaster 
2 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalow, Kipling Road, Barnby Dunn, Doncaster. 
Purchased in March 2016 at £105,000. 
Sold in October 2016 at £140,000. 
FLIP! - Skellow, Doncaster 
2 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalow, Walthram Drive, Skellow, Doncaster 
Purchased in July 2017 at £100,000. 
Sold in March 2018 at £133,500. 
RENT TO BUY! - Garforth, Leeds 
3 Bed End-Terrace on Barleyhill Road, Garforth, Leeds 
Purchased in December 2020 at £115,000 
Re-financed in 2021 at £180,000. 
Re-finance completed at 75% Loan To Value (LTV), which released approximately £135k after fees. After purchase costs and a full refurbishment, this nearly pulled all of our original money into the deal back out. This property is now kept within the portfolio with a Rent to Buy tenant currently residing there. The Rent to Buy agreement is for the tenant to purchase the property in 7 years time (2028) for an already agreed figure of £222k, taking into account projected capital growth over that period of time. The tenant pays the rent (£725PCM) and then a top up off £261PCM which accumulates to form his 10% deposit to purchase the property in 2028. 
Buy To Let - Bolton Upon Dearne, Rotherham 
2 Bed End Terrace, West Lane, Bolton Upon Dearne 
Purchased for £54,000 (Off market, direct to the seller) 
Conservative re-finance at the new value of £80,000. 
An investor put forward the full £54,000 for the purchase of this property which we brought through our Company. We issued the investor a First Charge over the project until funds are returned, with an additional 6% for interest accrued within the 12 months - a great rate for a fully hands-off investment, backed with great security.  
Once the re-finance has gone through the funds will be released to the Solicitor who will pay the investor their loan plus interest so the new mortgage provider can take First Charge security over the property. We will continue to hold and manage the property within our portfolio. The property is currently let out to a tenant at £550PCM. 

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